The start of Spring Sports at IHS


As the winter sport season comes to an end, the students at IHS are getting ready to start up the spring sports. The spring sports that are available are boys baseball, lacrosse, rugby, softball, boys tennis, and track and field. Practices for the spring sport season start off on March 7th.

Freshman Ava Thomas stated, “I’m most excited for something new, and for the weather to get warm.  Spring sports just put me in a really good mood.  I am participating in lacrosse, and I did it a few years ago, but had to stop because I got too busy. I’ll succeed by going to practice everyday and putting forth my best effort.  I want to be the absolute best that I can be.”

Mia Ciocca runs relay in Track last year during Spring Sports

Thomas is going to be participating in lacrosse and is excited for the spring sports season. Some students like Ava have participated in these spring sports outside of school and are now participating in them for the school.

“I am playing baseball and I have played for many years. I am most excited for the baseball season to take off. I will succeed in baseball by taking quality at bats and having little to no errors.” commented Freshman Mason Raglani.


Raglani will be participating in Baseball. Much like Thomas, Raglani has played baseball before and will be continuing to play throughout his high school years. Raglani intends to succeed by using quality equipment and practicing .

The athletes of IHS are ready to train and work hard for the spring season.

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