Substitutes at the Indiana Senior High School


Substitutes are all around us everyday. How many subs do you see within 1 day of school?  Subs could be good or bad.  Here are what some people from IHS have to say about the subs and how they affect us as students.  

Sophomore Erin Barrick feels that throughout the day if she has a sub or more than one sub that she like, then her day would be better. Junior Chloe McHugh felt she isn’t really affected by the subs however Senior Aidan Cessna weighed in by adding “They give me free working periods throughout the day”.

Subs can affect a class since McHugh claims that when she has a sub in one of her classes they get a “study hall”, which to her is good.  Cessna says his class with a sub would be better depending on who the sub was, because he doesn’t like some subs. Barrick’s class is affected badly because “I like to sit there and talk to my friends and have fun and not do work.” Subs may affect the whole school year for some students.  Cessna states “Substitutes don’t affect my year that much.” Barrick said “Substitutes make my year better , because there is less work that I have to do and it’s just more fun.  School is stressful.”  Sometimes subs can have an impact upon students since McHugh says, “The subs that are nice to me have a big impact on me.”

Lastly,  subs also could be affecting students’ schedules, whether good or bad. Cessna states, “It usually depends on if they are long term sub as it’s usually not much of a change to me if we get along.” And for McHugh, she feels “If there is a sub in class it’s usually just a “study hall” which is nice because I am able to catch up on some classes.”

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