This year Mini THON returned to IHS. Four diamonds was founded with the goal of supporting children and their families against childhood cancer. The school gathered as a community and raised 64,000 dollars towards the organization. 

Senior Anna Margita, “My experience at MiniTHON was amazing!! I loved every minute of the night and had a great experience being able to see all our hard work play out. My favorite part of the night was revealing the total at the end. Myself and all of the leadership class didn’t realize we raised that much until we held up the cards. It was at that moment that we saw how hard we worked and it paid off. We raised $64K for the kids who are battling with pediatric cancer and it is such an amazing feeling to know we are doing something to help find a cure.”

Many students had many different favorite parts of the night, but most students could say the revealing of the total and the end of the night. Margita expressed how surprised her and leadership was when the total was revealed.

Senior Isaac Myers said, “My experience at mini-THON was amazing.  I truly think it was one of the best nights of my high school career.  I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and participating in all the activities there were at mini-THON.  My favorite part of the night would be when we revealed the grand total.  I did not expect us to raise $64,740.49.  I enjoyed seeing my fellow classmates in leadership’s reaction and also everyone in the crowd when the numbers went up.”


When asked if they would attend again both Myers and Margita agreed that they would. 

Myers said, “If I had the chance I would definitely attend mini-THON again.  This year I had so much fun at mini-THON.  The environment was very illuminating and I can’t express the excitement mini-THON brought to me.”

Margita commented, “If I ever had a chance to come to MiniTHON again it would be a 100% YES. It is such a rewarding night and I am so excited to come back next year to see the leadership class put on an amazing event! #FTK

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