Indiana Area Senior High School

IHS welcomes new and returning teachers

By JUSTIN REESE- As returning students and familiar faces are welcomed back to IHS, staff and faculty additions bring a fresh change to the school atmosphere. While Mrs. Leah Lyons is on maternity leave after the birth of her son, Ms. Chelsea Palmer will be taking her place until December. Palmer will be teaching drama […]

IHS says goodbye to favorite teachers

By JORIE MEIL – As another year starts at IHS  the school community has to bid goodbye to several favorite teachers. Mr. Scott Salser, Mrs. Carla Sandbothe, and Mrs. Erin Eisenman all left IHS at the end of last year, with Salser and Sandbothe retiring and Eisenman moving on to become principal at Eisenhower Elementary.  […]

A shift in culture: Visiting teachers from India experience the classrooms of IHS

By FIONA MURPHY – Many American students graduate high school with a deprivation of global cultural awareness, especially in terms of an accurate consciousness of how other students learn worldwide. Indiana Senior High School takes pride in being a contemporary catalyst of the global scholastic community by offering international exchanges for not only students, but for teachers […]