Indiana Area Senior High School

By JUSTIN REESE- As returning students and familiar faces are welcomed back to IHS, staff and faculty additions bring a fresh change to the school atmosphere.

While Mrs. Leah Lyons is on maternity leave after the birth of her son, Ms. Chelsea Palmer will be taking her place until December. Palmer will be teaching drama I and English 11 during her time in the building. As well as teaching in class, Palmer is active in assisting with Cross Country and aiding Lyons in the 2019 fall play.

After graduating from IHS, Palmer went on to teach outside of Washington DC, Kiski Area Junior High, and Punxsutawney High School, bringing her to IHS for her 7th year of teaching. 

Outside of school, Palmer enjoys running, spending time with her family and nephew, and taking care of her dog. Palmer expressed, “I am always here for [the students] and I am super excited to be back at IHS”.

Following the retirement of Mrs. Carla Sandbothe, Ms. Marquetta Pisarcik teaches in the library starting at 11:30 AM. Pisarcik is coming to IHS after twenty years of working as the librarian at junior high school. Pisarcik teaches at IHS from periods six to ten following her additional position at the Junior High School. Her responsibilities here at IHS include checking out books, hosting study halls and open libraries, and advising a tenth period. 

In her free time, Pisarcik enjoys big game hunting, taking care of and showing her horses, and traveling. Pisarcik said that her students should know that she is “odd and unorthodox” and expressed, “I should be fairly approachable, and I try my best to help any students with any problems they may have.”

Mr. Gerald Smith is returning back to IHS to teach math. Like Pisarcik, Smith commutes from the junior high to IHS after third period to teach integrated Math, pre-algebra and algebra. “I’m glad to be back at IHS, it’s a great building and I enjoy teaching high school,” expressed Smith. “It interesting to see some of the students that I previously taught”. 

Whether it be in a math class, a drama or English class, library or even in the halls, make sure to give IHS staff and faculty additions a warm welcome.


[Photo by Hannah Steele]

Photo Caption: “[Mr. Smith smiles as he helps junior Braedon Rearick with his online math assignment.]”


Justin Reese

Justin Reese is a junior and is returning to journalism for his second year of reporting. Justin loves writing articles that will inform and entertain his peers.