Indiana Area Senior High School

By KOREY FERRINGER- The IHS library has introduced an online bookstore where students can electronically check out books to read.

The online bookstore has many books for everyone’s interests. From Sci-fi to drama, it can be found and priced on the bookstore. With new books available everyday, it’s a good tool to use for every reader. Especially if seeing the book in person is your preference. Here at the IHS checking out books is as easy as just walking down to the library.

Every Student reads what they find interesting. It can be ranging from fantasy to romance. Freshman Autumn Smith said ”I like to read Fantasy or Sci-fi books.” Many other students like to read the same series or the same type of books. Especially if it’s a really good series or a good author.

Many famous authors like Rick Riordan and Stephen King have a presence on the online bookstore.If given the chance, many students would buy books from them. Like sophomore  Emma Cramer who said “From the bookstore I would get the Percy Jackson series.” There are many other types of books and magazines from the bookstore to choose from.

With so many options to choose from it’s hard to pick which book or series to get. Since new books are added to the website nearly everyday, than its easy to find the right book for everyone. Like senior Hope Byers who said “There is such a variety of books that I can’t choose which to pick.” So the Online Book store is a best option for hardcore and light readers.

If the bookstore didn’t have a book that is requested then the it’ll be added to a list. Then the list would slowly be complete by adding new books continuously. So will series but might be added a little slower or might be added to the store as a set or bundle.

It’s relatively easy to get to the bookstore as well. The IHS main page has a link to the bookstore under the tab About Us. Then click the Indiana Free Library tab which would then have a link to the bookstore on their homepage.


[Photo by Korey Ferringer]

Photo caption: Freshman Ryleigh Dwulet surfing the Online Bookstore.


Korey Ferringer

Korey is a freshman and this is his first year as a reporter. He hopes that he can help the High Arrow grow to be the best news source in Indiana.