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By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – Every year, people all over Indiana dress up and pretend to be someone else for a night. This Halloween, there are many popular costumes that have emerged.

Popular show and movie themed costumes are common. The Office is a very well known show that follows the lives of employees of a paper company. Characters Jim and Dwight are often common people to dress up as.

“I think it’s more funny and creative than typical halloween outfits. The Office characters are very recognizable,” said sophomore Caroline Bianco.

Mean Girls has become a staple in Halloween costumes over the years. Many people dress up like the iconic characters from this movie. Not only are the characters instantly recognisable, but they are also a very common group costume.

“I love the Mean Girls,” stated junior Gray Wadding. “I know a lot of friends who are dressing up as ‘the Plastics’.”

The newest movie in the Conjuring series is The Nun. This evil nun will likely make an appearance during Halloween. The frightful costume would be the perfect outfit for people looking to embrace the spooky part of holiday.

The classic witch always makes an appearance during trick-or-treating. During October, many stores sell witch hats, which makes the costume very accessible. Although basic, the witch provides childhood trick-or-treating nostalgia.

The Incredibles 2 movie came out over the summer. This family of superheroes provide the perfect group costume. “The Incredibles would be a great family costume,” expressed junior Kiara Smith. “I’ve seen people who did couple costumes, and they were very cute.”

This past school year, the Fortnight video game took IHS by storm. Fortnight character skins allow for personalization during the game. People looking to dress up can express themself outside the game with their costumes.

“It is a popular game and I can see how people would want to dress up as the player skins. I personally don’t like the concept of people dressing up as Fortnight characters, but if it makes them happy then the more power to them,” stated sophomore Silas Schiera.

Whether students are dressing up as TV characters or video game skins, everyone has the chance to take on a different persona for the evening.

[Photo By: Hannah Steele]

Photo Caption: “Sophomore Alexis Single shows off her cowgirl Halloween costume.”

Adriana Guth-Borowski

Adriana is a sophomore and has been on the High Arrow staff for two years. Her goal is to bring accurate news and other stories to the readers of the High Arrow.

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