Students at IHS try to adjust sleep schedule with Daylight Savings coming up


Students at IHS have come upon Daylight Savings Time, and some may find it hard to adjust to this kind of time change during the school year.

With the fourth quarter just rounding the corner, it’s time for things to start looking like spring again. The time change can be a little much for students to adjust to, and students may find it hard to complete assignments with the time changes and sleep schedule issues.

Students are no stranger to hard work and long assignments. As the fourth quarter approaches, students are more than likely to be bombarded with assignments and hard work. It can be tough to adjust, and some may find it demotivating.

As the end of the third marking period approaches, students could fall behind because they may not have had enough time to adjust. Other students could remain unaffected by losing the hour of sleep, but for others it could cause a moderate to severe impact.

Even though Daylight Savings Time happens over the weekend, Sophomore Jack Julin was asked if we should have a day to adjust, he expressed, “ I do think we should have a day to adjust, but the school board wouldn’t do that.”

Not all students are the same, and some can adjust better than others. Freshman Andrew Grim shared his experience with his sleep schedule, “ Daylight Savings usually doesn’t affect my sleeping too much but sometimes it will make me lose an hour or gain an hour of sleep.  I don’t have trouble staying awake in class and I don’t think Daylight Savings will change this.” 

Having a hard time sleeping at home can cause problems staying awake in classes. Freshman Joey Hunter expressed his experience with staying awake in class, he said, “It does affect my sleep, and I don’t fall asleep in most of my classes only In my study halls.”

Even before, students have had problems sleeping in class and it can be seen more commonly during Daylight Savings Time. 

As IHS approaches its last quarter of the year, students should have enough time to be adjusted by then for keystones and finals. The school year is flying by faster than anyone expected, and even though we lose an hour of sleep, the school year only has to go through one more quarter before summer vacation.

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