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By ENDYA TYSON-Every year IHS welcomes a handful of wonderful student teachers. These student teachers come into our classrooms for nine weeks and get to interact with students so they can learn and teach. There are a variety of student teachers, learning and teaching various subjects like fine arts, social studies, and foreign language:

Miss Parlavecchio is interested in teaching health and physical education. She is working with Mrs. Lewandowski. Ms.Parlavecchio said, “I wanted to become a teacher because I like working with kids. I am a very active person and grew up around sports.” That is why she took teaching physical education as a career path. She also went on to say, “I love my  experience here so far.” 

Mr. Riccio is student-teaching in room 118 and learning the ropes from Mr. Neil. He said he wanted to become a teacher because, “I had some great teachers, but also I wanted to guide students to the next path in their lives.” Mr. Riccio also went on to say that he is “interested in teaching Social Studies, mostly United States History, Roman History, and Greek Mythology.”

There is also a student teacher in Mrs. Dalecki’s room who teaches Family Consumer Science (FCS) and her name is Ms. Saupe. Saupe said, “I was introduced to FCS in high school. I always loved my FCS classes because it was one of the few classes that actually taught skills for everyday life. From balancing a checkbook to preparing food, FCS teaches students how to prepare for life outside of high school.” She also went on to say that her FCS teacher was the first person to encourage her to think about teaching as a career.

In room 142, there is a student-teacher by the name of Ms.Patrick interested in teaching art as a career. Patrick stated, “The subject is very vast and has so many different components. What many people don’t realize is that art can be 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional or a mixture of both. It also offers everyone the chance to be creative and think outside the box.”She also said, “ I would like to inspire my students the same way my teachers did for me.”

Ms.Radcliffe is currently teaching English under the guidance of Mrs. Steve. .Radcliffe commented, “Everyone here is so kind and always willing to help. This school has a great sense of community.” She went on to say, “ I wanted to become a teacher to help students grow in knowledge and to  help them succeed.”  

Senorita Jobe is student-teaching in room 216 with Mr. Henninger. She is currently working with Spanish II students here at IHS. Jobe expressed, “I wanted to show students that when they learn a new language, a whole new world and all-new perspectives open up to them. I want to be able to share my love of the Spanish language, culture, and travel with others.” She also commented that “IHS has been great so far. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.”

There is a student teacher in Mrs. Hixson’s room named  Mrs. Janeski. Janeski is interested in teaching Biology and Environmental Science stating, “Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. They teach young people the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in adulthood. Teaching helps shape the future.” She also went on the explain her time at IHS saying, “ I feel very grateful for Mrs.Hixson and IHS for helping me grow as a  teacher.” 

Mr. Vought is currently student teaching with Mr. Lehman in the science department. The subject he is most interested in teaching is physics. He wanted to become a teacher because, “In high school, I had many teachers that invested in me and instilled a love of math and science. I want to give back to students and spread a love of science. Mr. Vought has enjoyed his time here at IHS saying, “It has been great. the faculty and staff are top-notch.  Everyone has been welcoming and offer great advice and encouragement for future teachers.” 

Student teachers are always a welcome addition to IHS, and their enthusiasm and love of their subject matter often have a lasting effect on the students they work with.  

[Photo by Hannah Steele]

Photo Caption:: IHS student teachers this semester include Mr. Riccio (social studies), Ms. Radcliffe (English), Ms. Saupe (Family and Consumer Science), Mr. Vought (science), Mrs. Janeski (science), and Ms. Jobe (Spanish). Not pictured: Ms. Parlavecchio (Health and Phys Ed), Ms. Patrick (Art).


Endya Tyson

Endya is a junior and in her first year as a reporter for The High Arrow. She is looking froward to always seeking the next hot topic. *Ting:)