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Student teachers are settling in at IHS


Hey IHS students and staff! Have you met the 2022-2023 student teachers? If not, here’s the place to get to know and welcome them. IHS students are so grateful for their time spent with us to learn and teach, and let’s not forget about the teachers taking time out of their busy schedules to help mold the minds of future teachers. 

Mr. Ryan Wertz is doing his first student teaching position here at Indiana Senior High. He is a senior at IUP and did his pre-student teaching with Mrs. Edmonds a few years ago. Mr. Wertz graduated from Northern Bedford as an honor student, and he hopes to teach biology and environmental science as a 7th-10th grade teacher, as well as participate in the Science Club this year. Wertz specifically would like to say how thankful he is for this opportunity and hopes to continue growing here at IHS. 

Cooperating teacher Ms. Hixson commented, “I enjoy having [Mr. Wertz] as a student teacher, he helps me to reflect on my own teaching.”

Mrs. Brittany Paul is a first-time student teacher who will only be here until her departure date on October 14th. Mrs. Paul attends IUP and aspires to be an elementary art teacher, specifically in kindergarten. In her free time, she does art projects and watercolor painting as well as baking. Mrs. Paul looks forward to her future student teaching positions and can’t wait to be a full-time teacher!

“She’s the most eager student teacher I’ve ever had,” said Art teacher Dr. Rinkevich 

Senior Destiny Brewer adds, “Mrs. Paul is a wonderful teacher who makes art class fun and exciting. And her dresses are amazing!”

Ms. Brynn Wingard is a senior at IUP who has had three student teaching positions before this one. Her cooperating teacher is Mr. Henninger. She taught at East Pike Elementary, Greensburg Salem, and Taylor-Allderdice school in Pittsburgh. Ms. Wingard hopes to teach Spanish to high school students. Though she enjoys her time with the elementary-aged kids, she’d rather teach more in-depth content and have higher-level conversations with her students. Ms. Wingard went to Richland High School in Johnstown and was involved in many dance competitions as a high school student. 

[Photos by Kristen Kelly]
[Photos by Kristen Kelly] “Student teachers Mr. Rehn, Mr. Wertz, Mrs. Paul, Ms. Wingard, and Ms. Parks help students with ongoing projects”

Ms. Hannah Parks is a senior at IUP who will be graduating in December. Parks has taught 3rd grade at United Elementary School, and Learning Support at Marion Center. Ms. Parks is still undecided about which grades and subjects she wants to teach, but she is leaning towards general education with elementary schoolers. Ms. Parks graduated from Altoona Area High School in 2016 and outside of school she works, plays video games, and enjoys cooking. Ms. Parks is currently in Mrs. Manning’s classes.

Mr. Asher Rehn is a super-senior at IUP and his cooperating teacher is Mr. Nath. For those of you who (like me) did not know what a super-senior is, it’s someone in their 5th year of college and Mr. Rehn is in that category because he switched majors. His original major was in English Writing Studies and he wanted to be a published author. Though he still wants to do that, he’s much more interested in teaching. Mr. Rehn has been in observation positions at Penns Manor and Punxsutawney. Mr. Rehn hopes to teach English to 7-12th graders. In his free time, he enjoys participating in service clubs at IUP. Mr. Rehn graduated from Montoursville Area School District and is so excited to be student teaching in this school now. 

Thanks again student teachers, we’re so happy to have you here with us this year. And a special thanks to our teaching mentors as well including Ms. Hixson, Dr. Rinkevich, Mr. Henninger, Mrs. Manning, and Mr. Nath, who have all been a big help to each of these future teachers. 

Kristen Kelly


Kristen is a junior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys reading and writing and spends most of her time with her friends and watching movies. Kristen looks forward to meeting new people in the journalism community!

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