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IHS boy’s and girl’s soccer teams set up for success


Girl’s and boy’s high school soccer is back for the season. With girl’s games occurring on Monday and Wednesday and boy’s games on Tuesday and Thursday, IHS students can come to support the team on game days. The team has worked extremely hard this season to help represent the school. 

Practices take place Monday through Friday when there aren’t games. Most practices consist of conditioning, scrimmaging, and drills to help with shooting, passing, or dribbling. Head coach Nicola Smith and assistant coach Lauren Roadman run practice for the girl’s offensive and defensive players while Dave Dzuro practices with the goalies.

On the boy’s team, there is head coach Todd Myers and assistant coaches Joe Cronan and Michael McKelvy to help out.

Captains for the girl’s soccer team are Sophia Garzarelli, Natalie McKelvy, and Cadence Ullman. Taking on the role of captains for the boy’s team are Lee Rosenberger and David Scardina.

Ullman comments, “Leading the team as a captain is a great opportunity to improve my own skills and make the team the best that we can be.”

Tough opponents for both teams consist of Hampton, Kiski, and Mars. Freshman Sophia Scardina who is also a varsity starter shares, “We definitely have super-tough opponents but that’s what makes us stronger as a whole and as an individual.” “Win or lose, it’s going to make us better, and it’ll definitely be a fun game.” 

A new year also means new players. Multiple upperclassmen explain that while they are excited to play with new people, it’s also an adjustment. Learning to work with a new team after losing seniors is definitely a challenge. 

Junior Noah Weigner comments, “I am really looking forward to building some chemistry with all of the younger players and trying to beat some of the older more experienced teams that have been dominant for so long.” Like his teammates, Weigner is confident that with all of the new players, they’ll still be a competitive team. 

Coming to games is a great way to support the IHS soccer teams. Pink Out, Senior Night, and other fun events are exciting to participate in during games. Tough opponents mean the teams are set up for competitive games. Come support on game nights and be loud!

[Photo by Kyla Weaver] “Captain Sophia Garzarelli fights for the ball against the opposing team's defender.”

Sydney Anderson


Sydney is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She plays soccer, softball, and swimming for the high school. She is excited to start writing articles for the community at IHS.

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