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By INDIA KRUG – Massachusetts Institute of Technology: the alma mater of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Governor Tom Wolf, and soon, IHS senior Josh Mbogo.  The Science Club member and AP Physics student was notified of his acceptance to the prestigious and highly-selective MIT on December 15.

Mbogo stated, “I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from MIT and I wasn’t really thinking anything of it because I was subscribed to their weekly newsletter. Then when I opened it, I realized what it was– an acceptance letter to my dream school! I was really excited and told my family. It was a moment of relief and reflection, I became very quiet as I remembered how many times I had dreamed of this moment, and now it was here.”

Mbogo excels in areas of science and math, thus proved by his admittance into the state competition of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, with his project on measuring the efficiency of solar panels to maximize their voltage output.  As he enters his second year in Science Club, he hopes to secure another trip to states with a project based on a device that can be slipped into a shoe to convert the motion of walking into useful electricity.

This experience allowed him to fill out his MIT application confidently, sharing his past projects with the college. Mbogo commented, “The application process was very streamlined and allowed me to fully showcase my passions and interests in the field of science. One of the major features I enjoyed about the application process was a section where I could upload a PDF of my scientific research and projects, which I felt allowed me to show the admissions officers my passion for science and technology.”

Along with his talents in the STEM field, he is equally competent on the sports field.  The avid student-athlete participates in cross-country, tennis, and swimming.  His swim team will be making WPIALs this year, and he has hopes of furthering his swimming career in MIT’s pool.

As for his college and post-undergraduate plans, Mbogo is thinking big.  “I plan to study in MIT’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department with a Major in Computer Science or Engineering and a minor in business. My long term goal is to own a STEM-based business where I can create change in the world through science.”

For students interested in science and thinking of pursuing it after high school, Mbogo shares some advice, “The most important thing for me when it comes to STEM is finding problems. Most people learn science and math then go out into the world to find the problems they can fix with the knowledge they’ve learned. My approach is to find problems then learn the science and math need to create the solutions to those problems. Expanding my field of influence past what I understand, this philosophy has allowed me to find solutions to things that I have observed and experienced, even if I did not understand them at the time.”


[Photo by Amelia Kuzneski]

Photo Caption: “Senior Josh Mbogo plays with a Newton’s cradle in his AP Physics class.”


India Krug

India is a junior and a second year reporter for the High Arrow.  High school journalism is important to her because it is dangerous to be uninformed.  As a part of the High Arrow staff, she is able to grow as a writer while learning from her peers and those in the field.