Geeky greetings take over the first week of May


The First Week of May obviously contains the dates May the 4th and May the 5th and as many know, these two days have grown to great renown for nerds and non-nerds, but does anyone know the significance of those days?

On May the 4th it is common to now hear “May the 4th Be with you” uttered by many in reference to the well-known Star Wars franchise catchphrase “May the Force Be With You”. And although lesser-known or referenced, the next day, May 5th, is known as  “Revenge of the 5th” in reference to the dark side of the force and the Star Wars movie “Revenge of the Sith”.

Star Wars is a sci-fi franchise with lightsabers and a battle between good and evil. In 2022, many are yet to find someone who hasn’t heard of this hit entertainment franchise, which in its time swept the nation and the world, which only accelerated in recent years with the Start Wars-verse being acquired by Disney. 

Most people prefer the older Star Wars movies to the newer and more recent Disney-made ones and students at IHS have their opinions almost as wide as the Start Wars universe.  “I do enjoy it to an extent, some of the movies aren’t my favorite though,” said IHS Sophomore Cassie Michele. Wesley Frenzel, an IHS 10th grader stated “My least favorite is probably Episode 9 because to me it just didn’t make a whole lot of sense.” 

Most people who enjoy star wars were introduced to it pretty young in our generation. Like many others, I was shown Star Wars by my father at around 9-12 years old. 

Star Wars is one of the most known franchises, and Disney has helped that by spreading merch and making more series. The recent additions of characters like the Mandalorian and especially Baby Yoda have resulted in items found in every toy aisle and beyond.

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