IHS Boy’s Tennis Team Season


This year IHS sport seasons are starting to return “back to normal” since covid. With that being said, the IHS Tennis Team season started off on a great note. The team started the season off with two wins against Burrell Buccaneers on March 24th and 25th (more information on “B2B WINS for BOYS TENNIS” article found on High arrow). 

Mr. Neil (tennis team coach) feels that with practice and time, the boys’ tennis team will continue to have a great season, “ We need to keep putting in the work to improve. Every player has gotten better so far and if that continues we have a shot at playoffs and to be able to compete at a high level.”

The boys’ tennis team has been very successful and many if not all of the members on the team feel that this has been a good season. Freshman Gabe Nettleton feels that now the team’s season is starting to really pick up. “The season started off with some losses but we practiced hard, and started winning more of our games.” 

Along with Nettelton, Senior Xavier Semone also feels that the boys’ tennis team are improving since the beginning of their season, “I feel like we’re improving rapidly and don’t see us slowing down anytime soon.” 

Mr. Neil states that he hopes the boys get something meaningful out of playing on the IHS boy tennis team, “I hope the boys get something meaningful out of their experience, that they improve as players, but mostly that they grow as human beings. Go IHS.” Mr. Neil has been a great coach for the boys’ tennis team this year. 

Now that the coronavirus has settled down and schools are starting to get back to a regular schedule, IHS (and other schools) sports teams have been able to continue/start their seasons again. This year, IHS sports seasons have been very successful. This also includes the IHS boys tennis team starting a regular new season. There have been many wins for the boys’ team and hopes are high for the team to go to the playoffs this season. If you see any of the tennis team around the school, tell them a great job this season but also good luck!

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