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By ETHAN BLACK – At one of IASD’s most recent school board meetings, Senior Lucas Connell pushed board members for the installment of the AP Capstone Program, a 2-year program where students take an AP Seminar and then AP Research (students can take Seminar without taking Research, but not the other way around). In a recent interview, Connell explained the meaning of the class, discussed the benefits of the program for students, and his commitment to the program.

B: What is the Capstone Program?

C: “Both of these classes give students a chance to control what they learn by investigating a topic of their choice and writing a research paper and presentation. It focuses on core skills that students can apply in all classes like presentation skills, critical thinking skills, and research skills.”

IHS students should look forward to the foundations of this class. Even though it hounds the aspects of other AP courses, the class can prove beneficial in view of preparing students for the atmosphere of a real college class, both in large and small class presentations, as well as the assignment of a thesis paper.

B: Why is this important to IHS?

C: “It’s important to IHS because it’s time that students have more of a voice in what and how they learn. It gives students another chance to diversify their experience at IHS and to become even more prepared for their after-high school plans.”

Students interested in any form of politics would also benefit from this upcoming AP course to elaborate on their views and make their voices heard. But, it should be said that this course is available to anyone looking to voice their opinions.

B: What was your commitment to this initiative?

C: “My commitment to the project involved a few meetings with Mr. McElheny about making a presentation for our school board’s academic committee. I also talked to several teachers to survey their interest in teaching the class and ended up with two prospective teachers – Mrs. Hixson and Dr. Bond. Before those teachers decided they were in, I organized a meeting with a Capstone program teacher from Elizabeth Forward to give myself, Mr. McElheny, and interested teachers an even broader view of the overall program. Aside from those commitments, I did a lot of research on my own to ensure I knew as much about the program as possible. All of this work made it feel really great when it was ultimately approved by the school board starting in the 2022-23 school year.”

Students returning to school in the next few years should heavily look into the AP Capstone Program for a great understanding of the dynamics of a college career, most importantly in a college classroom.

[Photo by Ethan Black]

Photo caption: Senior Lucas Connell has been instrumental in promoting the AP Capstone Program.

Ethan Black


Ethan is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. He enjoys selling clothes and is a part of Key Club and Leadership. He is excited to begin writing for the school and his fellow colleagues.