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School Store by Becky Shellenbarger

By JOE LUETKEHANS-  As young people, the need to buy things can often be insatiable.  Why waste this urge on overpriced designer garbage when it could be spent supporting our very own IHS?  The Trading Post, affectionately referred to by many as the School Store, has served IHS students for years by offering snacks, clothing items, and other merchandise, all while supporting SGA and the events it hosts.

This 2017-2018 school year, the store will be subject to a few changes, all of which will hopefully the entire student body will enjoy.  In addition to new snacks and assorted products, SGA will be offering new clothing merchandise and designs which are aimed to appeal more to students.  New managers Joe Luetkehans and Connor McQuaide have decided to take it upon themselves to reinvent the school store through newer fashions and designs that appeal more to students in 2017 and 2018.  Items such as joggers and long sleeve t-shirts have been proposed, but students will have to wait and see what this year will bring for sure.

Senior Emma Kenley is one student who is particularly excited,  “…It’s so useful to show your school spirit!”  

Like all IHS institutions, the Trading Post thrives on constructive criticism and recommendations, which are always welcome.  Kenley suggests, “A larger variety of sizes would be nice… or socks!”  SGA and the school store managers are open to any and all student suggestions.

McQuaide, a sophomore, has had plans since the end of last school year for how he wants to update and represent the Trading Post.  “I really want to create a different aspect of looking at the school store [sic]…I want to make it more of a gathering place.” McQuaide sees great potential in the school store as a cultural hub for IHS, where students can gather, talk, and connect.  McQuaide has ideas for more than just the vibe, however.  In regard to new merchandise, he is confident that it will give a sense of rebirth towards the school store.  “(We want a) more unified look, so different pieces go together… We don’t want plain, but different!”

As far as older designs are concerned, the year is being kicked off with a back to school sale, offering up to thirty percent discounts on items from past years.  The sale will continue indefinitely in order to liquidate old stock, so any and all IHS students are heavily encouraged to stop by and search for a steal.

Senior Emily Harris believes the coming changes will benefit the school store more than anything, stating “I like the different amount of choices, but more, in general, would be nice.”  students like Harris have inspired the managers of the school store to think about what students actually want, rather than what might seem “classic.”  In terms of other suggestions, Harris offered, “…you could be all retail-y and play music!”

As always, the Trading Post will continue to host its weekly after school food events, such as Tasty Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, and the anxiously awaited Pie-Day Friday.  With possible plans to expand these events into more days and food-types, IHS students will likely be able to satisfy their after-school munchies via the Trading Post in a large variety of ways.  In addition, the classic offerings of cookies, candies, snacks, sodas, and other foodstuffs will continue to be offered, but only after school.  

Students with any thoughts or suggestions regarding the school store should send a letter to the editor! 


[Photo by Becky Shellenbarger]

Photo caption: Junior Anthony Bevevino stocks up on mice and t-shirts at the Trading Post.

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