Indiana Area Senior High School

By ENDYA TYSON – For the start of the new school year, IHS has a lot of new programs and classes available. These new courses are Computer Programming, Communicating in a STEM World, Fitness-Based HPE, and Forensic Science. They are currently being enjoyed by many students.  

Forensic Science is taught in room 209 by Ms. Betta and is a semester-long course. In this class, students learn the basics of how to be a forensic scientist, and how to examine evidence at a crime scene.  They identify the different kinds of evidence and what can be considered admissible in a case. Junior Anakin Leydic stated, “I like the friendly atmosphere that the teacher brings, and I enjoy this course. I plan to use this for future career interest.”

Communicating in a STEM World is a twelfth grade English elective and taught in room 126 by Mr. Farina. It is also a half-year course. In this class, students learn how to hone their communication skills.  They also build a portfolio or resume to use when they graduate and are looking to their future careers. It is beneficial for those who anticipate a career that will require them to utilize skills from their English classes.  

Fitness-based HPE teaches ninth-graders to be more independent with their fitness plans and goals.  It promotes a healthier lifestyle among underclassmen and is taught by Mr. Woytowish. Freshman Qi’ra Saunders said, “I really enjoy going to the fitness center everyday and not feeling pressured to participate in other activities. I can just relax and find something I like to do in the gym.” 

Computer Programming I & II classes are each a semester long and can be taken continuously by students in any grade level.  They are taught in room 240 by Mr. Shreyer. In this class, students learn the basics of computer science using the Python Coding Language.  The course is based on the idea that  the American workforce is based on data, and the need for someone to program that data will always exist. Junior Bradley Petras commented, “I love computer programming and I plan on majoring in computer science or anything that has my interest in the computer software field.” 

[Photo by Endya Tyson]

Photo Caption: “Science Teacher Samantha Betta helps sophomore Daimyan Thorpe with an activity in Forensic Science class.”


Endya Tyson

Endya is a junior and in her first year of journalism at IHS.  She is looking forward to always seeking the next hot topic. *Ting:)