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By MIA LENZI – Imagine if someone asks you the question, “If you could meet any celebrity in the world, living or dead, who would it be?” What would your answer be? Well, obviously my answer would be the most talented and charming person that ever existed- Patrick Swayze. Swayze is a well-known actor, singer, dancer and songwriter who had shown his many talents over the years. Despite his passing, his spirit and talent still live on. His many wonderful movies, such as Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and Red Dawn, live on and become better as the years go by. Just like cheese and sweatshirts, but better.

My valentine has to be perfect, and in order to have a perfect valentine, you need perfect similes. Fellow Patrick Swayze lover and junior Maeve Morris contributes her finest figurative language, “Patrick Swayze dances as gracefully as a swan with the beauty of the sun and more spirit than a stallion. His smile illuminates the room, leaving ladies swooning and sighing. The power in his stride reminds all who see of his perfect masculinity.”

In 1991, Swayze was voted People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” No further comment is needed. His famous movie Dirty Dancing provided him with a Golden-Globe award for his character Johnny Castle. The people have voted and proven that Swayze is more than just a dancer boy who got teased when he was young. He is more than just the actor behind the character, he is a successful man who will forever live on… at least in my heart he will.

I not only wish to one day visit the Hollywood Star of Swayze, and see his sacred grave, but I wish to one day be able to live up to the quality of Swayze.

Junior Hannah Smith says she is always up for a Dirty Dancing marathon, but why not just add in the many other successful productions as well. Was it mentioned that Swayze was also a part of Broadway? Listen up you theater enthusiasts, because I just found a new person to fangirl over.

There will always be a void to fill because of the devastating loss of Swayze, but he continues to change lives of many. Live on Patrick Swayze.


Photo Caption: The way to Mia’s heart? An authentic autographed picture of Patrick Swayze (certified, of course).


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