Indiana Area Senior High School

By JORIE MEIL – The loss of a great teacher img_20161020_133053526at the junior high constitutes a major gain for the high school. Mr. Mossgrove is a beloved teacher in the Indiana Area School District. He has been teaching at the junior high for over twenty years, as well as acting as the JH Athletic Director. This year the district moved him up the street to teach at the senior high school.

Teaching is Mossgrove’s passion, proven through his subject diversity. Some of the classes he has taught have been Geography, American History, Civics, and Special Education. According to Mossgrove, “Any class that I am teaching is my favorite, but I am partial to American History.”

After working at IJHS for 23 years, certain things were hard to leave behind. He says “Being in a building for so long, you get certain routines.”

Mossgrove has also developed friendships with teachers and has a love for the building and his classes and students. Freshman Preston Satterfield says, “I think Mr. Mossgrove is a great athletic director, and helped me learn history a lot in eighth grade.”

As Mossgrove is still the Athletic Director at the junior high, it is definitely not an easy task to manage the time between the two jobs.

He teaches his classes in the morning and then goes to the other school. He says that he has “not fully mastered” it, and that it will take some time.

Many students had Mossgrove in eighth grade, and now that he is at the senior high have him again.

Freshman Jannah Farag says, “I like having Mr. Mossgrove again because he tells a lot of stories, connecting them to the lessons. I think he has a very good attitude about teaching.”

Mossgrove says that he also enjoys meeting all the students he has never taught before.
With the retirement of Mr. Rieg, the high school needed a teacher to take his place, and Mossgrove volunteered to teach at the senior high.

The senior high is very glad to welcome Mr. Mossgrove to the school. He is a teacher that is loved by many students.

Senior Claire Kuzneski says, “ I like how enthusiastic he is about history and always makes things interesting.”


[Photo by Jorie Meil]


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