Indiana Area Senior High School

security-guardBy KALYN MENIFEE
– At the end of last year, much like the past few years, Jim Henrickson our former security guard said that it would be his final year at IHS. Most students doubted that the ‘threat’ had any merit however, and were given a wake-up call when they walked into school the first day and realized there was a new security guard. Jim had been something of staple of IHS for many years, the former tank driver in the Army, giving a bit of color to the otherwise humdrum life of the school’s comings and goings. Many were sad to see him go.

The newest security guard, Ms. Nicole Stineman was received with cautious optimism by the students, but she’s optimistic about coming to IHS and making her mark.
“I enjoy being here, I didn’t know what to expect, and I really enjoy it,” states Stineman.
Formerly a military police officer, she’s used to the security business, although not as much with teenagers. She wants to bring a better sense of security to the school; forceful, but fair. She wants to be open to students so that they can see her as an adult that can be trusted here at the school.

Stineman is also enforcing the school’s policy for parking tickets, which is trying to prevent students from clogging up the already crowded student lot.
The tickets apply to those without a permit who park on the property, those who are not allowed in handicapped areas, those parked in areas that aren’t designated for student parking, those in reserved spots, or parked in a way that blocks a driveway or access into the school. There are two strikes for any of these violations, and then the car will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Even though Jim, a guard that so many fondly remember is gone, students can look forward (safely) to getting to know our new security guard, Ms. Stineman.

[photo by Kalyn Menifee]


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