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Me To We Club helps to replenish the ASAP Fund


The IHS Me to We Club is replenishing the IHS ASAP Fund. The fund, which provides students in need with the means to get help, was a prevalent resource in the past, but since the creators graduated, it has fallen behind. Now, the Me to We club is in the planning stages of bringing the fund back. 

The fund has helped students who have lost their homes to fires, those who are hungry, and many others in need. Everything is anonymous except for the amount of money the student needs, which allows the student to get help without fear of exposure. 

The guidance office is a large part of this process. Most of the fundraising is conducted through Me to We, but the guidance office is where students who need help go to get it. Counselors talk to students who demonstrate need, confirm that need, and work to get them the help to combat it. 

“There has to be some kind of demonstrated need, and that looks different for every student,” says guidance counselor Katie Smith. “If someone comes in and says ‘We don’t have food at home right now,’ or clothes, we can use the fund money for that.”  The guidance office then removes the amount of money the student needs from the fund and gives it to them.

However, in order for the ASAP this to be able to happen, Me to We needs to make money for the account. Similar to Pink-Out, or Teddy Bear Fund Drive activities, Me to We is planning a fundraiser which will raise money to put towards a good cause. “We’re organizing a free game day during 10th period on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for each grade,” senior Olivia Krimin comments. “All money collected from ticket sales will go towards the fund.”

The only foreseeable issue with replenishing the ASAP fund is the fact that it may fall off again, despite the activities planned and the good cause it is for. When the creators of the fund graduated, the fund got pushed to the back burner and has begun to run low on money. 

To prevent this from happening again, Me to We President Victoria Kimmel has plans in place. “We are going to leave behind the materials and resources we used for the next group of people to use, and if they need help they can call on any one or two of us to come back and help.” With this plan in place for next year’s students, the fund is sure to be a prominent resource for years to come.

With the fundraiser in place to raise money and a good cause to promote, the ASAP fund is posed to strengthen the IHS community and Indiana as a whole. Kimmel demonstrates this claim perfectly stating, “I think it’s nice that we can help people if there are things they need but can’t afford. It promotes positivity and unity.”

[Photo by Emma Sheeran] Me to We executive board working hard to plan an upcoming fundraiser for the ASAP Fund.

Emma Sheeran


Emma is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She has been intensely involved with the IHS music department for all four years of high school, including attending state-level competitions and playing with the PSO. She is looking forward to working in a journalistic setting and putting the education she receives here towards a career in journalism.

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