Indiana Area Senior High School


By ROCCO FANELLA It’s hockey season and our Indiana Hockey team is definitely making it happen once again this season. Indiana lost to visiting Bishop McCort, 5-2, in a PIHL Division A East Division hockey game at S&T Bank Arena on Thursday, January 12th to give the Indians their second loss of the season. Junior Tyler Barker, forward on the team, explained how they have a plan to better themselves for next games, “I think that if we work hard and play as a team we will begin to win again, but if we don’t then our season could take a turn for the worse”

The Indians may have not been playing to the best of their ability that game, but understanding what is on the line should be enough motivation to propel them to give their all the rest of the season.

Junior Keegan Fulton Schuller, a defensive player on the team said, “We need to shoot more pucks and we need to protect our own zone better, the best defense is a good offense, and right now we just need to be able to get pucks out and towards the net. I think the biggest thing the team needs to work on the most is shooting more, we pass too much, and we’re too easy to read when we finally do line up a shot.”

Senior Pat O’Neal being the lead point scorer on the team, is really living up to his press clippings. O’Neal raised his league-leading season point total to 47 points on 23 goals and 24 assists. He scored two goals in each period as of January 4th of this year.

The great number of seniors leaving the team after this season will definitely impact the future of next year’s team and freshman Jack Cikowski had a say on the matter,  “We will definitely be good, but maybe not as good because we are losing a lot of seniors such as O’Neal and we won’t have that kind of offensive power, but I believe with hard work we can get the team prepared for anything”



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