Indiana Area Senior High School


By ALEXIS LEONE – Nine IHS students traveled to Marion Center high school for PMEA District Chorus. The festival was three days long and the students competed to move on to regionals. Regionals is a similar competition with the students who passed through to districts.

Eight of these students moved on to regional chorus. This festival took place over January 11, 12 and 13.

“District chorus was such a great opportunity, and I got to meet lots of amazing people,” said junior Jill Black. These students had been practicing the selected music for three months. The students auditioned by singing two excerpts from their collection of nine songs.

“It’s really cool because you get to work with prestigious directors. It’s fun to meet new people and sing together,” comments senior Kayla Bosley.

Over the course of these three days, the students could have had their audition on any of these days. Senior Kathleen Tra found the experience both fun and valuable.  “District Chorus was an amazing experience, the festival itself gave me new techniques on singing. After auditions, it becomes a really fun experience with Dr. Kiver teaching everyone there. I won’t forget the memories that I have created at the festival and I will take the lessons I’ve learned about music altogether.”

Seniors that participated in the festival were Dakota Gunsallus, Seth Gardner, Scylla Humbert, Kayla Bosley and Kathleen Tra. The underclassman that also participated in this event were Tim Sexton, Nick Skalican, Jill Black and John Harper.

These students competed to place in the top 10 chairs to move on to regionals. Tra placed first chair in the soprano one section. Humbert placed first chair in the alto one section. Also, Black placed fifth chair and Bosley placed tenth chair in the soprano one section. Skalican placed sixth chair and Gunsallus placed third chair. Gardner placed third chair and Sexton placed second chair in the bass one section. These students are moving on to the next level of the competition, which is Regionals.



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