Indiana Area Senior High School

By INDIA KRUG –  After weeks of ¨promposals,¨ Prom 2019 has come and gone.  Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort & Conference Center played host to a group of students dressed to the nines on Friday, May 10.  For many, it was the last dance of their high school career.

Junior Danny Lee, who asked junior Cleo McMahan, comments, “I decided to ask my friend in a fun and witty way that involved Mountain Dew because it’s her favorite drink. It’s great to be able to just hang with friends at Prom.”

Organized by Student Government Association, this year’s theme was Fairytale Garden.  Grand March, which showcased over a hundred students, was aided by members of the theater department.  The stage was set up by some mothers of students, decorated with an assortment of flowers and lights. Classmates and family members gathered to see the duos who would be dancing the night away.

Junior Eliza Ray, who attended Prom with junior Brady Kodman, shares, “We thought about what we were going to do for weeks before, but ended up just doing a cute lift.  It was definitely one of the best nights of my life– everyone was so happy and being surrounded by all the people I love at once was so much fun.”

Upon the conclusion of Grand March, more prom participants arrived at IHS to take pictures before loading the buses to Blairsville.  The venue contained tables arranged around a dance floor, the seats self-selected by the students prior to. Friends chatted and introductions were made for guests coming from outside school districts.

Overall, SGA sold a total of 284 tickets.  It was an event to enjoy the company of others and celebrate all that had been accomplished that year.  Students were happy to dress up, looking to local establishments for hair and nail preparation. After dinner, many opted to snap photographs in front of Chestnut Ridge’s beautiful landscape. DJ Sosa was hired to play music and heels suddenly came off to accommodate for dancing.

Senior Kaitlyn Stossel says, “Going to prom is such a fun and memorable night, and something that everyone should experience at least once while in high school. it was so fun to get dressed up and dance with my best friends all night and just have a great time with everyone there!”

By the end of the night, the tables were littered with corsages and phones.  Tuckered-out students boarded the transportation back to the high school, still on the adrenaline high that came from shouting the lyrics to a Cardi B song.  Prom 2019 was one for the books.


[Photo courtesy of Avery Redd]

Photo Caption: “Junior Girls before Prom 2019.”


India Krug

India is a junior and a second year reporter for the High Arrow.  High school journalism is important to her because it is dangerous to be uninformed.  As a part of the High Arrow staff, she is able to grow as a writer while learning from her peers and those in the field.