Is Working While in High School Beneficial for students?


Many students tend to get jobs while still in high school. The legal working age is the age of 14 and that is also the age students normally are when starting their freshman year of high school. Since the working age is so young many students do get jobs while in high school, but is it beneficial for them? Plenty of students have outside school activities, school sports, clubs, etc. Students have to manage those activities, maintain good grades, keeping up on homework, and on top of that, some students get a job. There can be both positive and negative effects on working while in high school. Students learn time management, earning money for things they want, and a good work ethic.


It helps senior Kiara Wilson branch out and gets a taste of the real world things, “I  have a job because it helps you to branch out and get a relizations of the real world, but also because I am responsible for paying my car insurance on a set date at the beginning of the month. Also, my parents wanted me to learn what having a good work ethic was like.” 


There are also some negative effects on working while in high school also. Some of these things include, could not be getting enough sleep, don’t have time to do school work outside of school, having social life getting paused, and having stress levels can go up. 


“At times it does get stressful depending on how busy the week is.” Senior Emily Moody states along with Wilson who also feels that working while in high school can be stressful but if you focus on working well and time management it does get easier. “Working can be stressful but, if you are focused on your goals it gets easier as time goes on. If you get too stressed while having a job, then you can ask to limit your hours or just quit because a job is not a requirement for High School, school and your mental health should always come before your work.” 

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Many students do work while in high school but there are also students that don’t work while in high school. Even without working, school can still be stressful for students. Freshman Ayla Kugler is a student that is not currently working and feels that school is already stressful without being employed, “I currently do not work because I have a lot of other things going on and I feel starting a job at the moment may cause stress on me because I am already stressed without working.”


 With all the positives and negative effects of working while in high school, is getting a job in high school a good thing? Moody believes that it is a good thing to be working, “It is good to work in high school because it teaches you how to balance your time and begins to teach you the value of your own money.” Along with Kugler who does not work but thinks it is a good thing. “I personally think working in high school is good because it exposes you to the real world and prepares you for the future and is a good way to get money for things needed.” 


With all the different opinions about working while in high school, what is your opinion on this subject?

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