Indiana Area Senior High School

By SYDNEY BRICE – As the girl’s soccer season came to a close, the girls reflected on the challenges they faced that made them stronger individuals. A new coach, Nicola Smith, was introduced, COVID planted many new restrictions they weren’t familiar with, and the teams proved to be real competition. 

The team was up against some true competition this year but still made sure to stay focused and in tune with each other. Sophia Garzarelli, a sophomore, asserted “This was a tough season overall. Most of the competition we faced were hard games so we just had to keep our mindset on the fact that we can just push through the game. Even if we won or lost, we could make it through and just get at least one goal. We also would encourage each other and give pep talks.”

Five seniors are graduating this year and they have all made a mark on Indiana soccer. Giavonna Spadafora (captain), Allie Rutledge (captain), Emily Scherf, Sydney Krane, and Emma Roadman

This year the girls became very tight because of the challenges they have gone through together. Giavonna Spadafora, a senior, expressed  “I’ll miss my friendships the most, and going to practice every day with some of my closest friends is what made these weird and crazy circumstances feel normal again. Seeing each other everyday surprisingly brings out the best laughs.”

Adding to the team dynamic were many freshmen. The group has brought strong talent to the team. Although it is a big change for them, they have made sure to work hard. Freshman Ella Myers explained “It is more physical and faster-paced than Jr. High soccer. Playing with older girls helped me realize that it is a completely different game than Jr. High. Anytime I asked the older girls to help me if I didn’t know how to do something, they always would, and that helped me grow.”

The bonds that the girls have developed this year were some that will definitely help them in the years to come. They have proven to each other that they are able to work through anything and stay strong during the time spots. 

[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo Caption: “Allie Rutledge is masked up during her warmup.”


Sydney Brice


Sydney is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys playing golf and lacrosse. She is excited to be a reporter for the school.