Indiana Area Senior High School

By SYDNEY BRICE – The IHS boy’s soccer team is headed in the right direction and berthed a spot in the WPIAL playoffs. Coached by IHS math teacher, Mr. Todd Myers, the boys are up for a successful finish to their season. 

The team, led by Aaron McKelvey, Ethan Shearer, and Isaac Myers, is off to an extremely successful season placing second in their section. 

As with most sports, the boys have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Although things have changed completely for the boys, they have learned how to deal with the challenges and use them to their advantage. 

Junior Donato Gentile stated “Covid-19 has given our team the opportunity to train in a whole new way that we never thought of before. During practice we use our masks for safety but also training tools by wearing them at all times, it restricts some air flow but during the games we feel much better when we can take our masks off and play.”

The boys have ten seniors this year which allowed for a strong group on the field. David Scardina, a sophomore, added, “There are more seniors than there were last year so I feel like a lot more people have taken leadership roles on the team.” Senior Evan Cox commented, “This year being my last year playing is upsetting because of the circumstances, but we are doing our best to look past that.” 

The boys have faced many challenging teams this year. Gentile asserts, “In the intense games each and every player on our team trusts each other to do their job so everyone focuses on what they are supposed to do and in that way our team runs extremely smoothly and without a hitch.”

Many players on the team have been playing for a very long time. Cox adds, “I started playing soccer when I was three and stuck with it because of how fun it was.” 

The boy’s soccer team made it to the second round of playoffs beating Belle Vernon in the first round and losing to Franklin Regional in the second round. 

[Photo By Erik Puskar] 

Photo Caption: “Senior goalie Sam Fefolt makes a save.”


Sydney Brice


Sydney is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys playing golf and lacrosse. She is excited to be a reporter for the school.