Indiana Area Senior High School

By MIKAYLA CRAMER- From the past to the present. What should people expect going from the Indiana Junior High School to the Indiana Senior High School? Will things be any different, or will they be the same? Students can expect the unexpected, they can expect the same old thing, they can expect a whole new experience, a whole new adventure. It’s all in how things are perceived.

Eighth grader Joseph Groff expected that, “The rules will be different but, the bell schedule will be the same.” In reality the rules are similar, but there is a little difference. The Senior High School allows students to carry their book bags with them throughout the day. Students are also allowed to have their phones on them. At IJHS, there are no bags allowed and no cell phone usage. The bell schedule is similar, however there are four minutes between classes in the Senior High instead of just three minutes.

“I’m kinda worried about not having lunch with a lot of my friends and not having many classes with people I know,” says eighth grader Alyssa Carloni. Many students feel the same and many of  this years freshmen felt the same. The lunch schedule in the junior high is based on grade level, however, at IHS the lunches include students from any grade.

Freshman Emma Levan said, “You’ll be able to find at least one person you know and there will be plenty of people also looking for someone to sit with that you can become better friends with. The orientation is also a good time to find people to sit with.”

There are Chromebooks in use by all students in the Senior High School, the students have their own which they can take home and bring back to school. The Junior High has Chromebooks available to students only in certain classrooms.

To make freshman year easier try to stick with friends. Make new friends with older kids but try not to get in their way. Focus on school work and learn about new opportunities at IHS. Don’t get involved in drama and stay in the right lane.


[Photo By Mikayla Cramer]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Ainsley Herman enjoys carrying her book bag and phone around school.”


Mikayla Cramer

Mikayla is a freshman and is a first year reporter for the High Arrow. Her favorite thing about journalism is writing interesting news stories.