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By MIA LENZI – IHS senior Eddie Chandler acquired the title of National Merit semi-finalist this year. In order to become a National Merit semi-finalist, a student has to obtain a score on the PSAT that falls within the top one percent of all scores.

For most students, their score must fall above a 1400. Chandler is the only senior in IHS to be awarded this title. “I didn’t go into the test trying to get it, but when I found out I was very happy,” comments Chandler.

Chandler’s future plans after high school include a gap year filled with traveling. After his traveling is done, Chandler plans to attend college for, “a computer science and mathematics major. I am mainly interested in computer science.” After college, he is planning to pursue a career in software development or academia.

Even as a semi-finalist, Chandler is receiving college applications with special offers.

Continuing to the next steps in the National Merit competition, Chandler had to apply to be a full finalist. In order to apply to be a finalist, an application has to be filled out as well as completing an essay, obtaining a guidance counselor’s letter of recommendation, and scoring well on the SAT.

One National Merit winner is given each year, and only finalists are considered for the award. Winning would allow for many benefits when applying for colleges as well as scholarships.

Chandler will hear if he has been accepted as a finalist in February of his graduating year, but until then he remains very humble about his honor saying,  “I am very honored to get it, but there are very many other bright students in this school that are equally capable, and this test only measures ability on time in a couple of hours.”


[Photo by Mia Lenzi]

Photo Caption: “Senior Eddie Chandler continues to study in hopes of becoming a National Merit finalist.”

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