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By PARKER KOONS – This recent Tinsel Ball saw an interesting character rise to the throne, not one of great renown for his academics or his popularity but simply put… his oddity and uniqueness. Laurance Nakrosis is the man who won this title and is known around the school for his eccentric nature. What some may not know about him is the actual amount of intelligence he has, which is usually cast aside by his endearing, if goofy, demeanor.

To begin the second semester, Laurance will be leaving us to attend the highly selective arts college Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Great Barrington, MA.

“I think Laurance will do well in college. He just has to work hard, we all do if we want to succeed,” ponders junior Ben Van Wieren who is a good friend of Laurance. Laurance’s friend group is quite an interesting little story which he commonly acknowledges started in 2006; “I’ve known Laurance since 2006,” reminisces fellow junior John Harper, “We sat together on the first day of Kindergarten.”

As for what Laurance wishes to do when he gets to college, of which his choice happens to be Bard at Simon’s Rock which is also where his sister Athena goes, he says “Nothing really, probably gonna take film and computer science classes, but nothing set yet.”

Though he is leaving, Laurance has made quite a splash in our school community with both his quirky personality and also his recent performance at the annual Variety show which will surely be remembered by many for probably years to come.

Though some of us may not admit it many of us will more than likely miss his crazy antics and his ability to disrupt class, saving some of us from things we didn’t wanna do. Finally a quote from Laurance’s “favorite” movie, “Stay gold Ponyboy.”

[Photo by Jacob Christian]

Photo Caption: “The King the night of his crowning at the Tinsel ball, looks pretty happy huh?”


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