Indiana Area Senior High School

By EMMA NORMAN – Each year here at IHS, the volleyball team hosts their annual charity game. This year, the seniors decided to raise money for Priceless Grace Ministries Malnutrition Clinic in Haiti. Despite a tough loss, the team ended up raising a total of $1,153.

The team was excited about their accomplishment. Senior Bre Smathers, who plays Varsity stated, “The game was really important for our team because one of our team members, Katie Hagens went to Haiti and had a personal connection to the organization there. We just wanted to raise as much money as we possibly could to help the children there.”

Senior Katie Hagens knows those who run the ministry and has ties to the Haitian organization after visiting the country. Hagens commented, “I had the personal experience of going to Haiti. Every year, our team picks a charity for our charity game, and I had proposed the malnutrition clinic. I was brought to tears and overjoyed that me along with my fellow seniors decided upon them for our charity night.”

The team managed to raise the money through different games and raffles. Hagens also stated, “By selling paper baby bottles, holding a basket raffle, 50/50 sales, and having a game to win pizzas, my team was able to raise $1,153!”

The game included both the JV and Varsity teams, and members seemed to really enjoy being a part of such a great cause. Sophomore Megan Brocious, who plays for both JV and Varsity stated, “It’s always fun to play for a good cause while doing what we love.” Freshman Peyton Ream also commented, “We fought hard and raised a lot of money for a good cause.”

The family that runs the ministry was both grateful and proud of the volleyball team for raising so much money. Hagens stated, “We were deeply thanked by the Price Family, and they made sure we knew that we were helping save the lives of their precious babies in the malnutrition clinic.”

The team is proud of their accomplishment no matter the outcome of the game. Junior Lexus Dadson, who plays for the Varsity team, stated, “We did not win, but I feel that was the best game we have played all year and the amount of money we raised was outstanding!”


[Photo by Sky Russick]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Peyton Ream sets the ball for the JV game.”


Emma Norman

Emma is a junior and a second year reporter for the High Arrow. She believes it is important to provide the school with trustworthy news because journalism’s impact is greater than pieces of newsprint.