Indiana Area Senior High School

By JORIE MEIL- On Monday, May 13 ten new IHS students joined the ranks of International Thespian Society Troupe #7525 at the annual ITS induction ceremony.

At the ceremony ten new students were inducted into ITS. These students were seniors Emma Canillo, Meagan Hatfield, and  Cassie Kerstetter. The seniors were joined by junior inductees Nathan Birch, Amanda Iandiorio, Danny Lee, Alyssa McLaine, Jorie Meil, Kiara Smith, and Grace Wadding.

“Being inducted into International Thespian Society is a way to honor the students that are truly dedicated to theater.  It shows our true love for the art. I have acted in seven shows with the high school, and I have loved everything I’ve done with the drama department.  As someone who wants to continue in theater after high school, International Thespian Society is a big deal to me because theater will hopefully be a big part of my future,“ expressed junior ITS inductee Alyssa McLaine.

International Thespian Society is an organization, similar to National Honors Society, that honors students for their high school theatre achievements. ITS is an  international organization that has over 2.3 million inducted members. Students have to meet certain criteria for getting in such as obtaining a certain amount of points for participating in IHS drama productions and events.

At the ceremony, the results of the SENDRACS (drama club) elections were announced. The elections were held on the last A club meeting and the results are as follows. Next years president will be Reese McFarlane, vice president will be Jorie Meil, secretary will by Alyssa McLaine, and treasurer will be Danny Lee.

Everybody’s favorite part of the ITS induction ceremony is the brown bag awards. As drama teacher Mrs. Lyons says, “music has the grammys, film has the oscars, and we have the brown bags!” The brown bag awards is a way to celebrate, and maybe make a little fun of, the accomplishments of the drama students from the past theatre season. Brown bag awards include silly awards such as “most caffinated” as well as more serious awards such as “most valuable crew member.”


[Photo by Leah Lyons]

“ITS members joined the new inductees at the induction ceremony”


Jorie Meil

Jorie is a junior and is co-editor and business manager. She has been on the High Arrow staff for three years and likes being able to inform the IHS community of local and worldwide news.