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By KOREY FERRINGER – Rifle Squad is a winter sport that many students participate in. Although it deals with firearms, safety is extremely enforced in everything the members do. From stepping through the doorway to leaving the firing range, safety is everything. New members even have to pass a safety test in order to compete.

Rifle Squad has certain criteria that must be met in order to join. Prospective members have to return a sports physical as a first step. Then as a second step, a student has to return the proper papers to the coach to signify that they are able to join.

Many members, such as senior Kathryn Metzger, joined the team in their freshman year . Metzger commented, “I first started Rifle Squad in 9th grade, so this year will be my fourth year on the team.”

Freshman are highly encouraged to join the team because they can work over the years to get better.  Sticking it out over several years is very beneficial. Team member and junior Drew Rado stated, “If you join Rifle Squad, stick with the team!”

Before each game and practice a member has to put on a coat with their number on. Next step is to get their rifle with a bipod attached. They also have to remember to grab earplugs and a glove. Then they get ammunition and wait for the coach to give the call to shoot.

Many seniors who were on the team before picked up a few tips and tricks to teach the freshman who are joining. Junior Ray Kovach said, “If you are planning on joining Rifle Squad, then show up for practice and help fellow members on the team.” Many members of Rifle Squad know each other from last year but are still willing to meet new members and treat them like the rest of the team.

Along with games and regular practices Rifle Squad requires the student to concentrate, breathe in a certain way, and relax. If a student needs help with any of these areas, other members of the team can help. They can teach new breathing patterns and other techniques. For relaxation a member could try to only concentrate on the target ahead. Lastly for concentration a member could only focus on what they are doing and not what is going on around them.  


[Photo by Korey Ferringer]

Photo Caption: Rifle Team member Kathryn Metzger studies for the safety test that all members must pass.


Korey Ferringer

Korey is a freshman and this is his first year as a reporter. He hopes that he can help the High Arrow grow to be the best news source in Indiana.