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By SYLVIA GALENO Dance Team is back and welcomes many new faces to their ranks. Senior dancers are ready to pass down their wisdom and advice to underclassmen. Auditions were held back in November and those auditioning were nervous and excited, but also looking forward to getting selected to the team and having a good time.

Dance Team performs at basketball games, keeping the players along with the crowd happy and in the spirit. Working hard and having determination and dedication are important traits to apply in anything one does. The members of Dance Team know this very well. Senior Maura Nutter who has been on the team for a year says, “Dance is about having dedication because one has to be dedicated and show some personality because Dance Team is all about having a ‘happy and excited to be there’ look. “

When joining or starting something new, one may be excited, yet nervous as well. Junior Ashley Yanni said, “I was excited for auditions, while still being pretty nervous.” The reason Yanni wanted to join the team is the fact that she’d been dancing since she was a little girl and she wanted to take that and apply it to her high school years. 

The dance team is a great way to involve out of school activities with after school activities. Dance Team is a great way to showcase one’s talents while also supporting the school.

Meeting new people and creating new memories is something the girls look forward to.  Those who made the team are excited to dance with the girls who have been part of the team in years past.  

Junior Lauren Berezansky says her favorite memory would have to be, “Sleepovers with the other girls on the team, and just learning many new dances every week with them.”  

The yearly Teddy Bear Fund Drive Variety Show is something Lauren and others are looking forward to both see and perform in. Berezansky added, “I’m looking forward to the Variety Show because it’s always fun to do new dances and watch other students and teachers perform.”

Those who are on the Dance Team this year are the following:  Seniors Emily Wright, Kira Cunningham, Maura Nutter, and Jenna Monteleone. Juniors Ashley Yanni, Katie Wachob, Gia Grettler, Eliza Ray, and Lauren Berezansky. Sophomores Sarah Love, Taylor Weaver, Maggie Medvetz, Megan Brocious, and Sophee McCabe. Freshmen Hannah Baumer, Ally Conrad, and Gabby Clark.

Congrats to all of these girls for making the team!

To see them dance and exhibit a high level of school spirit, just attend a basketball game and see them in action for yourself.


[Photo by Maddie Cribbs]

Caption: The IHS Dance Team perform together at a recent basketball game.


Sylvia Galeno

Sylvia is a junior and a first year reporter for the High Arrow.  Her goal in journalism is to bring something new and fresh to the publication with her creativity.