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MIKAYLA CRAMER- Teachers from seven countries around the world are part of the Fulbright Scholars that are welcomed to IHS every year.

Sadly, former Fulbright teacher from 2018, Mr. Gideon Stelly passed away earlier this spring from a tragic electrocution accident. He was a very hardworking teacher and extremely spiritual.

Many students and teachers have fond memories with Stelly. Social Studies teacher and host teacher of Stelly. Mr. Dunlap stated, “The times we had alone we could talk more on a personal level.”

Stelly was from Indonesia, and he placed a major emphasis on education. Stelly left behind a wife and two young daughters, Jennifer and Stephanie. He wanted his daughters to have the opportunity to attend school in America. A lot of his time was dedicated to volunteering and helping teach kids in underserved communities, including his daughters. Education is an expensive prospect in Indonesia.

Several IHS students are currently fundraising to help with financial costs for the educational needs of Stelly’s daughters. Since they are now in a single parent family, it will be harder for them to have the educational opportunities that Stelly envisioned for them.

Senior Tian Schiera said, “I decided to get involved with this fundraiser because of my personal connection to the Fulbright program. My parents both work with the program so I spend a lot of time with the international teachers which allows me to develop personal relationships with many of the Fulbrights.”

On April 23 and 24 there were bakes sales after school to help raise money for Stelly’s two daughters. There is also the opportunity for teachers to donate and have a “jean day.” 

A luncheon will also be provided by students for the teachers. All money from the teachers at the luncheon will also go toward furthering Stelly’s daughters education.

If students or teachers didn’t make it to the bake sale they can donate online at:

[Photo Courtesy of Tian Schiera]

Photo Caption: “Mr. Stelly spent quality time with family.”


Mikayla Cramer

Mikayla is a freshman and is a first year reporter for the High Arrow. Her favorite thing about journalism is writing interesting news stories.