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By JORIE MEIL- Trick or Treat! On Halloween, IHS drama students collected non-perishable food items to donate to a local food bank for those who are less fortunate during the upcoming holiday season. Instead of collecting candy while out trick or treating, Sendracs members obtained donations for the annual trick or treat so kids can eat event.

“Trick or treat so kids can eat is an important event because it unified the school and Indiana county towards the goal of ending hunger,” stated Sendracs secretary and junior Alyssa McLaine, “We as a community are able to collect many nonperishable items to donate to a local food bank through trick or treat so kids can eat.”

This year was as successful as ever! Sendracs, collaborating with other IHS organizations were able to collect “two car-fulls” of donations to bring to the Zion Lutheran Church food bank.

To get everyone excited for this years event, TOTS kicked things off with spirit week. Everyday of the week of Halloween had a dress up theme. Mickey Monday, everyone dressed up as their favorite Disney characters. Teacher Tuesday, which was filled with students impersonating their favorite teachers. Who-dunnit Wednesday, students dressed as their favorite characters from Clue, which also hyped students up for the play on Friday and Saturday. Throwback Thursday, the halls were filled with poodle skirts and shoulder pads as students re-created looks from their favorite decades. And finally, the week ended with Black-out day (with a touch of red to show school spirit).

“I believe TOTS (trick or treat so kids can eat) went very well this year,” expressed Sendracs club treasurer junior Danny Lee, “We were able to include other organizations in our school community while also having a successful spirit week. Without an exact amount of donations I can safely say that this year we donated a considerable number of food items to a worthy cause.”

In previous years, the event was sponsored by the International Thespian society, but starting this year, it no longer is. Despite a few changes, IHS Sendracs was able to complete a completely successful TOTS event.

“TOTS this year was a really great experience for me, especially because we got a lot of help from kids outside the drama department. It is so incredibly important to labor for someone other than ourselves, and I love the opportunity we take to give back to a community that is so good to us,” stated an enthusiastic club president, senior Megan Hatfield. Congratulations IHS Sendracs on another successful TOTS.  


[Photo by Laura McLaine]

Photo Caption: “IHS drama students trick or treat for canned goods on Halloween.”


Jorie Meil

Jorie is a junior and is co-editor and business manager. She has been on the High Arrow staff for three years and likes being able to inform the IHS community of local and worldwide news.