The 2022 dance season has come to an end. In the duration of this season the team had multiple performances this season. They danced for the basketball team and supported them. The dance team is an overall really important support to drive on the team. The team has worked extremely hard to perfect their performances for games. The high school dance team has practices every week to work on the routines. Many of the dancers on the team have been dancing for as long as they can remember. This shows how passionate they are about dancing. 

Mashayla Dlougos explains the importance of cheering on the basketball team. “I believe that dancing at the basketball games is a good way to gain support from the people of IHS because when we dance I always get the vibe that people are enjoying it. Even if we are losing I think the dance team does their best at bringing the confidence back into the game.” Their dancing brings confidence when the team isn’t doing their best.

Photo by EMMA MASSENGALE - IHS Digital Media Production I Student

Maycie Lorelli says, “The dance team season went well this year and was super fun as always. My favorite part of dance is being able to do something that I love with my friends. I think the dance team performing is a great way to increase support for IHS basketball. To prepare for next year’s dance team members, we’ll get the tryout information out and running at the start of the winter sports season 2022-2023.”

The 2022-2023 dance season will include new members, Vania Ali shares some advice. “Some advice I would give to new students who want to join the dance team next year is to work hard and stretch a lot! I would also tell them to just have fun and don’t worry about anything! And most importantly smile when you’re dancing!” Like Lorelli said the tryout information will be shared at the beginning of the 2022-2023 winter sports season for any interested IHS members. 

Lorelli said, “My favorite routine we did this season would have to be “Boss Ladies” which is the most recent dance we performed.” Lorelli, Dlougos and Ali all have explained how the routine “boss ladies” had been all of their favorite dances this season. They are all sad to see the season go but excited to see what comes in the future.

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