Indiana Area Senior High School

IHS Celebrates Black History Month Through Videos


To promote greater awareness of our diverse American heritage, the Social Studies and Communication/Digital Media Productions departments at IHS coupled with the extraordinary efforts and time of IHS Social Studies teacher Mr. Bill Doody, produced a series of 2-minute Black History Month videos about important African American people in our history. These are people who have changed our country for the better and it is important that the people of IHS learn about and recognize them.


Teachers played the videos in the morning after the announcements. Most students enjoyed watching them, but some did not pay attention and proved to be distracting to the members of the class who watch. Sophomore Dakota Sparks explained, “I enjoy watching these videos, but it is distracting when members of my homeroom talk over it. It is hard to pay attention and enjoy them when others aren’t. I think it is very important to be learning about these important people of our history.”

Loughlin Pagnucci commented, “I watch and enjoy the videos. I think that they are important to learn about, as learning about these American icons helps more students understand how far we as a people have come, and how many black Americans have been able to rise from a difficult past and into a much better future.”

Mrs. Pangonis states, “I am very much enjoying the videos and learning a great deal about each person. In fact, I was able to connect Ida Wells to a lesson I am teaching in my English class on Emmitt Till. I think the videos are really well done, and the students are doing an excellent job as narrators. I think it is important  to highlight the great things each of these people did to strengthen the Civil Rights Movement and protect people from unjust and inhumane treatment. The only thing that upsets me is that some of my students who participated in the Black Lives Matter protest are not really paying attention to the videos or showing any interest in learning from them.”

The videos highlighted a different important African American that has made significant contributions to our history. Some of those featured were Isabella Baumfree, Thurgood Marshall,  Benjamin O. Davis Jr., Ida Wells, Lorraine Hansberry and Shirly Chisholm. IHS students narrated the videos and in turn informed viewers about the important African American that was being featured. Among the students that narrated the videos included Rourke Jones, Tyanna Redd and Eve Fiala.

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