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By JUSTIN REESE- As schools across the nation close due to harsh weather conditions, some students find themselves asking, “Is climate change real?”

Weather is a natural occurrence, and although it is possible for there to be natural outliers and sporadic changes, the drastic changes in the past two years are not natural. From the sweltering summers to the bitter and harsh winters, climate change is at fault for these extreme conditions.  

Sub Zero temperatures and wind chills have taken the northern U.S. by storm this year, and climate change deniers are jumping on this opportunity to slam global warming. Strangely, scientists are also using these harsh conditions to support climate change

The difference between climate and weather is an important one, but one that is often overlooked. Because climate is the weather conditions over a period of time, these extreme conditions aren’t climate, but day to day weather that can be expected with changing seasons.

It isn’t all states and countries that are seeing these bleak conditions. While Indiana, Pennsylvania is experiencing harsh winters, California, along with entire other countries, are experiencing record-breaking heat. Freshman Adam Shephard said, “It [climate change] doesn’t make all conditions the same, we experience different effects, it’s still dangerous and we still need to be careful about it.”

The “jet stream” fast-moving current of air that occurs where weather happens is shifting and expanding, making these quick-moving currents faster and colder, ultimately creating wind chills that can sweep a nation in just days.

The students of IHS had varying answers, some couldn’t believe that there were students that don’t believe in climate change.

Freshman Greta Ushock said “Seasons still happen, the only difference is that with climate change, the weather patterns are significantly more sporadic and decently colder. There is obvious proof of temperatures increasing, both winters and summers are changing.”

For some, this opportunity has been added to their reasons for denying climate change. Sophomore Nick Hilliard said, “There is not enough proof to suggest that we as humans are causing climate change, and these really cold winters are furthering my opinions.”

Although scientists and climate change deniers can debate this topic all day, one thing is for sure. The climate is changing, winters are getting colder, and summers are getting hotter. The best thing to do as a student is to stay informed.

Global Warming

[Photo By Adriana Guth-Borowski]

Photo Caption: “Sophomore Paige Mitsko, after schools walks in the below freezing temperatures.”


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