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By ASHLEE GRAHAM -Each year FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America teaches its members how to hold leadership roles, as well as certain aspects of the business field. From marketing to agribusiness, there is a topic for everyone. The students pick a topic that they would like to compete in, and then take a test or compete in front of a group of judges.  

The tests consist of 100 questions that participants take prior to the Regional Leadership Conference, and are judged based on the number of correct answers. The performance events are held at the RLC, where contestants are required to present a topic in front of a group of judges. Along with these two, there is also the option of a state only competition in Hershey in the spring.

The RLC was held on December 18th, 2017 at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. The region three schools that were attending were Blairsville, Clarion-Limestone, Indiana, Ligonier Valley, Penns Manor, Brookville, Homer-Center, Jeff Tech, Marion Center, Purchase Line, and United.

There was an abundance of activities planned throughout the day for the future business leaders, such as breakout sessions with speakers, ticket sales for basket auctions, door prizes, a luncheon, and the award ceremony.

Sophomore Lola VanLeer states, “I had a really fun time at the RLC, I met some really cool people from other schools close to here, and listened to some great speakers. I learned a lot, and the lunch was really good. The dark chocolate cupcakes were delicious!”

This year, IHS will be sending over 40 students to the SLC in Hershey and had an exceptional number of students who were one or two places away.

Senior Shreya Bhardwaj said, “It was really nice to meet new students from our area who share similar interests and career goals, as well as be able to hear from local business leaders about their experiences. It was even more exciting to see over 40 students from Indiana place in their competitive events and qualify for states! Overall it was a very fun and enriching day for everyone!”

The students who made it to the SLC were awarded medals and certificates for their excellence and will take a week in the spring as they head off to Hershey to retest/perform to see if they will place at the state level, or make it to the national level this summer. Sophomore Brooke Boyer said, “I can’t wait to go to states again, it was so much fun the previous year, and I get to go with some of my good friends. I’m excited to see how much I am able to achieve, and hopefully make it to nationals!”


[Photo by Parker Fanella]

Photo Caption: “Junior Ashlee Graham and sophomore Brooke Boyer show off their medals as they get ready to go to the SLC in the spring.”


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