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ICTC students explore starting their careers


The Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC) is a program that helps IHS students to prepare for their future careers. High school programs provided at the ICTC include information technologies, public services, manufacturing, digital arts, construction & building trades, and automotive technologies. 

IHS students, grades 10-12 leave for the ICTC after sixth period. Students spend the rest of the school day learning hands-on experiences, then arrive back at the high school before the last period. 

Computer Systems Technology helps students pass the entry-level CompTIA certification exams. The exams show a student’s proficiency with networking, computer hardware, server insulation, and other computer skills. These exams are designed for students who will have professions in the information technology field. 

Public service careers are cosmetology, culinary arts, and health occupations. The cosmetology field combines art, science, and business. Students are taught the proper procedures for treating clients and keeping a successful business running. They work with skin care treatments, makeup, hair treatment, manicures, and pedicures. 

Culinary arts offers students interested in the food service industry how to manage a restaurant. Students learn techniques for preparing and handling cuisines. Culinary art students earn their ServSafe Sanitation Certification, which is a requirement for working in the food industry. 

The health occupations program gives insight into what it’s like to work in the medical field as a nursing assistant. Sophomore Izzy Burkhart exclaims, “Once a week we learn a skill like making a bed or brushing teeth or blood work, then we get tested on it.” In the years spent learning at the ICTC, health occupation students obtain three American Heart Association certifications. 

In machining technology, students learn the process of operating with tools and machines. Throughout the course, students handle manufacturing, construction, and working with metal materials. Welding Technology helps students acquire the capability needed to reach their full potential in the welding industry.

Digital Media Technology works with multimedia production. Digital media teaches skills like audio and video editing and recording. Sophomore, Avery Jordan says, “I chose to go to the ICTC because I’ve known I wanted to go into photography since I was 10 and this is helping me get there.”

Students can incorporate their creative and technological talents into making original graphic designs. Graphics and electronic media present the sections of desktop publishing, graphic design, photo editing, and illustration. 

Masonry, carpentry, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration are all career paths in construction and building trades. Masonry focuses on bricklaying, stone masonry, and cement masonry. Carpentry students receive instruction working with the final stages of exterior and interior finishing, and trim installation. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration trains students for an entry-level position in installation, maintenance, or service technician. 

Automotive Technology specializes in automotive repair and maintenance. Collision repair technology focuses on applying customized painting or airbrushing to automobiles. Junior Bradly Stoker expresses, “I am hoping to become a painter or welder.” 

ICTC teaches students to grow and expand their knowledge of what their future jobs are like. Sophomore Abby Clayton states, “My favorite part about going to the ICTC is knowing that whatever we will be doing is going to be fun, there is never a day that I’m not happy going up there.”

[Photo by Izzy Burkhart] Photo caption: “ICTC Student learns how to use a fire extinguisher.”

Elia Dietz


Elia is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is a part of the IHS lacrosse team. She is excited to be in journalism and hopes to have a great first year.

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