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Girl’s golf season in full swing


The girl’s golf season started a bit before the beginning of this school year and this team has been working hard ever since. They average about one match per week and practices are every weekday. 

You may already know the IHS Girls golf team from their viral TikTok account, ihs_girlsgolf. The account was created by Sophomore Gabby Sharp. Sharp weighed in on the success of the TikTok account stating, “It was pretty exciting at first. Me and the other girls on the team did not think it would nearly get as many views as it did. It was fun to check every practice to see if it got any more views. And the best part was seeing that Sheetz and F’real even commented on the video!”

This account is just one example of how social media can be used to promote school organizations. The TikToks are a fun, lighthearted approach to the team.

As with most sports, practices usually bring a sense of either excitement or dread. Golf practices seem to be getting positive reviews, though. Sophomore Lizzie Kinneer commented, “Golf practices are a lot of fun, but sometimes pretty long. We play nine holes in some practices and can usually be there for about three hours. We also play games and do competitions which makes it a lot of fun.” Kinneer also mentioned that practices mostly focus on putting, chipping, and driving. 

Golf is a sport that takes a lot of practice, dedication, and talent. Sophomore Bella Donatelli shared why she decided to join the team. “I joined the team because I wanted to do something before swim season started and a couple of my friends convinced me to join in ninth grade.” Donatelli says that she enjoys practices and matches and really tried to focus on having fun this year. 

There’s always an opportunity to get better in any sport, but especially golf. One minor thing can change your whole score. Sophomore Peyton Scott said, “My goals for the season were just to get better in general and have a good time.” Many players also mentioned that they wanted to focus on having fun this year. 

Golf is among the most popular sports at IHS. With over 20 students playing on both the girls’ and boys’ teams.. 

[Elizabeth Kinneer] Photo Caption: “The 2022 IHS girl’s golf team on their senior night”


Gabrielle Isenberg​


Gabi is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys reading and swimming for the YMCA and IHS. Gabi hopes to report accurate and current information to the community.

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