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By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – It is indeed a wonderful life during Christmas time in Indiana. Although shutdowns have put a damper on the “It’s a Wonderful Life Parade,” there are still plenty of activities to get into the holiday spirit. 

Driving down Philadelphia Street injects the feeling of Christmas into all. The shops and lamp posts have been decorated for the season with lights, wreaths, and the centerpiece tree in IRMC Park. Although the parade was cancelled, people can still enjoy the “It’s A Wonderful Life Festival” during the weekends. 

Perhaps the best thing to do during this pandemic is to drive around to see others’ Christmas and holiday decorations. “I like driving around and looking at everyone’s Christmas lights!” said senior Chloe Kocinski. “It’s just so cool to see everyone’s personalities brought out in their home decor.” 

Most activities have been cancelled, but there are still plenty of ways to get into the spirit at home. Baking cookies and Christmas inspired treats is a great way to spread holiday cheer. Whether it is baking cookies for Santa, or decorating a gingerbread house, baking is the perfect activity to do with family and friends. While baking,  Zoom or FaceTime family or friends to remain connected during a disconnected time. 

“I love baking cookies with friends and having little bake-offs,” said senior Lexi Gibbons. “I enjoy the time with my friends, and it is fun to get creative with recipes.” 

Perhaps one of the most classic ways to get in touch with the holiday season is watching Hallmark’s countdown to Christmas. With an infinite amount of small-town Christmas romance stories, Hallmark provides a welcome distraction and provides the interactions that are lacking during the pandemic.  “During the holidays, I really like watching Hallmark movies,” said sophomore Anna Failor. “Especially this year because of Covid, there aren’t many places to go. Even though they are really cheesy and completely predictable, I really like watching them with my family and laughing with them.” 

Covid-19 has altered what Christmas is like this year. However, the true spirit of Christmas, and the people in Indiana County have persevered. After all, this is the Christmas Tree Capital of the world. 

[Photo courtesy of Adriana Guth-Borowski] 

Photo caption: “Senior Adriana Guth-Borowski enjoys the IRMC Park Christmas tree.” 


Adriana Guth-Borowski

Editor In Chief

Adriana is a senior and editor in chief during her fourth year of journalism. She enjoys taking journalism classes at IUP and is excited to provide the community with factual news reporting.