Indiana Area Senior High School

By KILEY BRANAN – The High Arrow has many seniors sadly leaving this year, one of which being Kiara Donofrio. She along with many others will be graduating soon and moving on to the next chapter after high school.

“I am happy to be graduating but so nervous to start a new chapter in my life. After building a bond with teachers and so many students, I’m sad to see it go. Time really does fly in high school and I never noticed it until the end,” said Kiara.

This was her first year in journalism, and she really enjoyed it. As it was her first year coming in, Kiara was not completely sure how journalism worked at IHS. She quickly picked it up and started writing great articles. Her favorite part about journalism is how nice and helpful everyone is, especially helping her first get started. Kiara is also involved in multiple clubs and afterschool activities including SGA, senior representative, and is the business manager of the Yearbook Club. 

Kiara commented that “Many people in the class were very willing to take time out of their articles to make sure I knew what I was doing.  One of the most helpful people was Adriana because she would always respond so fast and would explain to me what I needed to fix.”

After graduation, Kiara has plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh for pre-med. Once she completes her pre-med at Pitt, she hopes to continue on to medical school. From there she wants to become a dermatologist. With this being her last year of high school, Kiara has some advice for the underclassmen: “Advice I would give to the underclassmen is to just always be respectful to everyone, teachers and students. It’ll go a long way in life and you’ll receive the same respect back.”

She is happy to be continuing on and leaving high school but will miss all the memories, one of her favorite parts of high school was being able to meet so many people in all her classes, as well as getting to know those who you never thought you would. Everyone on the High Arrow staff wants to wish Kiara a great start to college and is very happy to have gotten the chance to be in journalism with her.

Congratulations Kiara!


Kiley Branan

Reporter, Business Manager

Kiley is a sophomore and second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys art and plays on the lacrosse team. She is excited to continue writing articles for the students and staff, and parents of IHS.