Indiana Area Senior High School

By LOUGHLIN PAGNUCCI – Created in 1957, The Grinch is one of the greatest Dr. Seuss characters to ever have been created. The story of the Grinch has been retold many times, including in the 2018 film, The Grinch.

The Grinch retells the classic story of the Grinch, while still adding in some new plot points to keep things from getting stale.

When the movie starts, the Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) is shown doing his morning routine. The Grinch’s dog, Max, is also shown doing his morning routine. The Grinch then must go into town to buy food. The Grinch is very upset about this as he hates Christmas. While the Grinch and Max walk through the town, the Grinch’s hatred for Christmas becomes more and more apparent. His overall evilness is also shown. He is very cruel and hates Christmas.

The movie then goes to a house in Whoville, where The Grinch takes place. One of the residents of this house is a young girl named Cindy Lou Who. She has a plan to capture Santa Claus and talk to him. Meanwhile, at the Grinch’s house, the Grinch is very upset about the entire Christmas experience. He wants to find a way to stop it, so he decides to steal it. He stays up all night and makes a bunch of gadgets. Then, on Christmas Eve, he goes into the town of Whoville, to steal everyone’s Christmas.

This movie had many good parts to it. One of the best parts is the animation. The animation is very smooth and not choppy at all. The city of Whoville was very well animated. Another bright spot is the Grinch himself. Cumberbatch did a phenomenal job voicing the character, and could make the Grinch feel mean but likable at the same time. The movie also included many hints to other movies including Despicable Me and A Christmas Story.

While the movie did have many good parts, there were some bad parts. One of the worst parts of this movie is the song. The classic Grinch song got a new remix, and it is not good. It is in a hip hop/rap style but with the original lyrics, which is not a good combination. Another weak point is the Grinch’s backstory. The audience is given a backstory on why the Grinch hates Christmas, but it is underdone and not very helpful.

The Grinch is a great movie. It is very entertaining and can be enjoyed by the entire family. The bad parts are few and far between, and they don’t take away from the story that much.   Four out of Five stars.