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Getting a book into everyone’s hands: IHS has a new librarian


Not only does IHS gaining a new librarian mean new staff, but it also means new opportunities for the students. From beginner readers to die-hard book lovers, our new Librarian, Mr. Perkovich, is excited to share the library with each and every one of the students here at IHS. 

This year will be Mr. Perkovich’s first year as a librarian, as he has spent the past twelve years teaching English and Economics at Northern Cambria High School. So far his experience here at IHS has been positive, and he is finally getting to do what he’s wanted to for ages.

Mr. Perkovich explains how he got the job stating, “I’ve always wanted to become a librarian and I’ve always wanted to work at IHS. Once I saw the opportunity open up, I didn’t waste time. I applied and got the job.”

For Mr. Perkovich, the most enjoyable part of working as a Librarian is having books incorporated into his work each and every day. Mr. Perkovich elaborates, “I love books, it’s one of my biggest passions in life, I even have a library in my house which is full of tons and tons of books. I just love being able to promote English Literature and helping kids realize they like reading. Because in reality, when kids think they hate reading, they just haven’t read the right book yet.”

As an avid reader, he has a few favorite book genres: classic literature, horror, and the Sesame Street books he reads to his young daughter. 

Mr. Perkovich’s main goal is to create a positive environment for IHS students, and to provide a way for everyone to become a reader.

“What I am most excited about working at IHS would be being able to share the library and the space with all the kids,” he commented. Along with this, he has several book recommendations for beginners, one of them being Where Is Here by Joyce Carol Oates. 

One of the cool opportunities Mr. Perkovich will be providing is a new program called Lunch and Learn. During this program, the school will get representatives from the business industry in Indiana, and students will be able to come into the library to have lunch with them.

Students can ask questions and learn all about careers they are interested in, which will be very helpful for students unsure of what they want to do going into college. 

As the year progresses, there will be more fun things to come. So if you’re considering getting into reading, come stop by and bring a friend or two.

[Photo by Lizzie Olsen] “Mr. Perkovich is getting comfortable in the IHS library.”

Elizabeth Olsen


Lizzie is a junior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is involved in Eco Club and the IHS tennis team. Her main hobbies are reading and writing, playing tennis, and being with her friends. She is excited to improve her writing skills by learning about the impacts of journalism!

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