Indiana Area Senior High School

Spooky seniors arrive for Halloween at IHS!


Halloween came up the weekday this year, Monday to be exact. Although Monday is typically a hard and tough day to get through, seniors at IHS got to dress up and show their Halloween costumes off to the school!

Every Halloween, seniors at IHS get the privilege to dress up in a school-appropriate costume for laughs and looks of amazement from other students. It is a fun tradition that IHS carries on, and some debate spills over whether or not underclassmen should be able to dress up as well.

Senior student Anas Alalanzi expressed his opinion on underclassmen dressing up, he stated, “I do not believe underclassmen should be able to dress up mainly because I think some would not listen to the rules and could ruin it for others.”

Other than the debate, many senior students had fun dressing up for school. Senior student Joshua Scanlan was excited to dress for Halloween, he said, “I’m dressed as Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls,  I was always a fan of the show as a kid and thought why not dress up as the main character.” Joshua was planning to dress as Dipper for a while and was complemented by fellow senior student Matthew Ray, who was dressed as a penguin.

Along with the debate, some underclassmen feel like they should have a say in whether or not they should dress. Sophomore student Kian Hodgkinson expressed his opinion on the issue, “I think so because it’s dumb for the seniors to do it when they most likely won’t anyways, meanwhile the underclassmen would be more than happy to dress for Halloween”

Whether or not underclassmen get the privilege to dress up for Halloween or not, every year seniors will continue to bring in costumes downright funny to mind-blowing. Whether or not people dress to school, it is still Halloween and should be a day enjoyed by all. Hope IHS had a good Halloween! 

[Photo by Michael Jadzak] “Seniors Josh Scanlan and Matt Ray sport costumes for senior Halloween costume day.

Michael Jadzak


Michael is a junior and a third-year reporter for the High Arrow. He enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Penguins/Steelers, playing hockey for Somerset, and is excited about his third year in the High Arrow.

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