Indiana Area Senior High School

By EMMA NORMAN – Each year, IHS and the Indiana community welcomes teachers from all over the world to immerse themselves in an American high school learning environment. For the fifth year in a row, Indiana High School welcomes the Fulbright scholars, a group of teachers and administrators from all around the world. 

Hosting these teachers allows for great opportunities on both sides. Fulbright Field Experience coordinator and retired
IHS social studies teacher Michael Rieg remarked, “The visiting teachers bring a lot to our schools including breaking down stereotypes, teaching us about their countries, and they increase interaction with our students and teachers
from other countries. They do a good job of promoting education and their cultures.”

Sarí Maídona is from Indonesia and teaches English as a foreign language. In regard to the difference in classroom setting Maidona commented, “In Indonesia, we have at least 32 students and a maximum of 35. Also, here I noticed that you guys have different electives and classes such as Leadership which is offered to your students. Here teachers can teach more than one subject, but in Indonesia, one teacher teaches one subject.”

Senior Hanna Contrucci enjoys having the teachers at IHS remarking, “I really enjoy getting to learn from the teachers
in hearing about their stories. Being immersed in their culture is a great learning opportunity.”

El-Hassane El Hilali is from Morocco and also teaches English Literature. He noticed many differences between classrooms here in America and classrooms in Morocco stating, “The biggest difference is in the size of our classrooms. In Morocco, the minimum number of students in a classroom is 40. Classrooms here are very well equipped. For example, in my country, we do not have Smartboards. In regard to the subjects offered here, we have just about the same subjects offered to our students in Morocco.”

The program began in 2016 when two IUP professors, Dr. Lara Luetkehans and Dr. Michele Petrucci applied for the grant
with the state department. This grant allows IUP to host these teachers for an entire semester. Within that semester teachers attend classes at IUP, spend time both at IHS and Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, and participate in
various seminars and activities. 

   This program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and
Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State and IREX.

  “This article was funded in part by a grant from the United States
Department of State.  The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated
herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the
United States Department of State.”

[Photo courtesy of Michael Rieg]


Emma Norman

Emma is a senior and this is her third year with The High Arrow.  She enjoys providing the school with trustworthy news and plans to enjoy her senior year on the staff.