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By KILEY BRANAN – Oversized sweaters, tall boots, overalls, and mom jeans. Jump right into fall fashion with these styles. 

Every year, new fashion trends tend to pop up around the beginning of the fall season. This year’s trends make for super-cute outfits for everyone. Fall fashions for this year contain everything from oversized sweaters to overalls.

In girl’s fall fashions, oversized sweaters, plaid grey dresses, and tall boots are the rage. Many students around the school have been wearing this popular sweater trend. Mom jeans are also back, and many people are already on the new jeans bandwagon. 

With all these fashion trends, there are so many new ways to style them. It’s sweater weather, and with all these sweaters around, there are many ways to create cute outfits for fall. Sweaters are being paired with overall dresses, and with leggings. Tall boots with oversized sweaters are a big hit as well. A simple pullover sweater over a plaid grey dress or a flowy tee is also a cute way to style a sweater. “I really like sweaters because they are comfy,” said freshman Emily Teacher.

Long sleeves always seem to be a hit, and flowy long sleeves are a new and fashionable way to be comfy. “Long sleeves are my go-to on a chilly day,” commented sophomore Brooke Johnson. Pair a flowy long sleeve with leggings and a pair of cute boots, and you have a cute but comfy outfit. 

Mom jeans with a simple tee, sweater, or flannel seem to be a new fad. Mom jeans are definitely making a comeback. Many stores have mom jeans, and people are buying them up. They go with tons of tops, and you can pair them with plenty of cute accessories. 

There are also some new fads in men’s fall fashion: denim jackets, flannels, and graphic tees are popular this year. Flannels are often paired with some jeans and a tee underneath. This is a simple but nice style for fall. Denim jackets are also making a comeback and people seem to enjoy putting pins and patches on them. “My denim jacket is a go-to for me, I enjoy wearing it.” says sophomore Alexander Harris.

There are new fall fashion fads every year and these are just a few that are popular among students and fashion gurus this year. 

[Photo by Kiley Branan]

Photo Caption:  “Junior Olivia Peters enjoys her comfy sweater while studying in the Upper Commons.”


Kiley Branan

Kiley is a freshman and a first year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys writing about sports and school events.