Indiana Area Senior High School

By MIA LENZI – Smells of cookies, chocolate, brownies and cake flow through the upper commons. The source is unknown until the snack bar comes into view. There, behind the counter are many cheerful drama club members, selling their homemade baked goods!

Every Wednesday, the Drama Club contributes their time to selling freshly baked goods to students and faculty. Everything is just one dollar, and each week there is a new selection of delicious goodies. All proceeds go to the Performing Arts trip to New York City to help lower the costs for all involved.

Bake sale participant and senior Sydney Shearer comments, “The bake sale has been extremely successful thanks to all of the students who have provided both time and baked goods, as well as those who have made purchases each week!”

Why support the Performing Arts Trip? The trip only happens every other year, and the costs can be very expensive. The school would like to allow each student involved in the performing arts department an opportunity to go. Buying the baked goods can give a student a better opportunity of traveling with their classmates to a beautiful city.

Senior Jackie Sprenger comments, “Students in athletics are able to rely on boosters or get a lot of funding from the school district. This is something that the drama department doesn’t have the luxury of. The fine arts trip allows us to experience something new. Kids are finally having the chance to see a Broadway show or even see the city of New York. “

The bake sale also allows for every student to be involved and actively supporting their fellow students. Sprenger adds, “It’s fun working the bake sale. You work so hard baking something, and it is satisfying knowing that all your hard work is going to a good cause.” Hungry after school? Got a dollar to spare? Stop at the bake sale to support fellow students and enjoy a tasty treat!

bake sale

[Photo by Mia Lenzi]

Photo Caption: “Senior Sydney Shearer (left), sophomore Meghan Hatfield (middle), and sophomore Lilly Boulard (right) support the drama club by selling baked goods!”


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